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A GOOD TIME EVERY WEEK — I had great fun recently drawing quick-sketch caricatures at a gathering of employees for the Doubletree Suites by Hilton (near Dayton Mall). As a result, I will be providing free drawings for guests at the hotel bar weekly starting very soon. More on that in a moment.
The party host was Kelly Brown. She has a staff of highly talented people and they were fabulous. Toward the end, I was asked for a SPECIAL sketch, one of only TWO drawings of this kind I have done in lo, these many, many years in the business…
This shows some of the minor professional frictions between MANAGEMENT and SALES, as you can see —

Let's Talk 1

Let's Talk 2
— they were hilarious. Good group, good people. (These are my standard two minutes a person sketches; this one likely took five minutes total.)

The fun part is, I had to draw two people choking each other just a couple of months ago, over in Indiana. A divorced couple, those were, who had driven a long way together for the event. Ha! That was the first Choke Me sketch, and now this one. Weird, eh? Both were done in a spirit of fun with consenting adults, so what the hey?

ALSO: As a result of the terrific time we all had at the Doubletree party, it’s going to be a recurring event.
I will be appearing weekly at the Doubletree bar at 5:30 pm. every Wednesday, starting August 6. Come on by for a free sketch! I will see you there.
Thanks for reading!

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