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Wedding Reception Fun… Receptions are the highlight of most weddings it seems. That is the party time, after the vows, when everyone can shake hands, hug, dance, laugh and celebrate as long as the energy holds out. And that is my end of the world of course, the party entertainment biz. I draw at LOTS of weddings now and — as noted in this space more than once — it is a fantastic experience! Here is a lovely foursome, family members at a wedding not too long ago and they loved their drawing. Notice I moved them around, so the taller people are at top of the drawing paper.

Great fun, great fun — and the joyful launch of another happy couple. I can only hope they will be as happy as I have been with my fabulous little Diane — we met almost twenty-seven years ago now. Seems like yesterday, as the saying goes… 

Family group at wedding reception, caricature drawing by Dennis Porter

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