Wedding Gift

Remember your wedding day??

Oh, yeah! Exhausting and exhilarating and more fun than most of us can even remember now, probably. I remember not having time to EAT — being immediately called away for another photo or to speak to one of our guests, over and over. A fantastic, neat-o day, start to finish…

I am most fortunate to be invited to draw at weddings — a LOT of weddings these days — and it is a fabulous experience every time. Relentlessly joyful and happy and hopeful events… It is a privilege to be a part of those moments. It’s also nice to hear now & then about the wedding couple getting thanked much later for the drawings done of their guests, even far into the future, long after the Big Day. My little quick-sketches serve as gifts to the family and friends and sometimes can help memories of that Day to last forever. (More info on our Wedding Entertainment page…)

Bride & Groom

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