Wedding Gift, Surprise Gift, Anniversary Gift? Try THIS —

Drawn from photos, a SUPER anniversary gift from this young bride to her very lucky husband — first year together and still happy! Even the family dog seems content…  

This is a Terrific idea for a Unique Wedding Gift, Surprise Gift, Anniversary Gift item — not what anyone expects to receive! 

HOW IT WORKS: I get a lot of orders like this one, usually combining different photos to get the best shots for the layout. Then the client gets rough pencil layouts to view and we settle on a general look. At that point I can quote a final price and we get payment (usually via PayPal or a mailed check). They get a look at the final pencil workup, approve that and I wrap up in ink and color for delivery. Everybody is happy! And we get orders like this from all over the world. England, Iceland, Spain, Hong Kong…

What a business to be in, eh? 

*Price: A large color drawing like this one is usually around $300. That can be much reduced by going with Black & White in smaller size and other factors. Let’s talk!























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