VIDEO of Artist Drawing  — Fun to watch

Almost everyone seems fascinated to watch an artist draw, seeing remarkable resemblances created on the page in seconds. To most of us it looks like magic, watching amazing images flow from the tip of that pen which is directed so effortlessly, captured here in these videos.

Here is a bit of live sketching, done as event entertainment. Everyone wants to see what they will look like as a cartoon… It’s free for them, the host has a super party and pays the artist. Everyone wins!


Most people are drawn in about Two Minutes. Dennis uses three pens for more control and detail; each drawing gets a clear acetate sleeve for protection (free of course). Party caricatures — Great Fun!

Dennis has appeared on every television station in our area. Here he is, being interviewed on WDTN’s “Living Dayton” broadcast… 

Some caricature samples by Dennis Porter of

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