Unplug Me Now

voteme640Okay, I am taking the plunge here. Breaking the habit of some fifty years or so. And it is not easy. But from here on, no more news. No more evening news on NBC, CBS, ABC, nobody, man, not any more. I can not take it. Watching that repugnant creature and his slimy gang take over this wonderful country is more than I can bear.  So — no more. Done. 

I will take the attitude with the news that lots of others do — if it’s a big enough story, I will hear about it anyway. That’s always been my take on weather, which strikes a lot of people as strange — I have zero interest in the prospect of rain or sun tomorrow, since the forecast is so often wrong, and if it’s a big deal, hey, it’s gonna be on my radar anyhow. Right? So. No more news. I quit. I am disconnected as nearly as possible from the horrible changes now underway and I will grind my teeth and look forward to a better day eventually. 

If you have more hope and optimism than I do, that is terrific. I sincerely hope you are correct. Deeply and profoundly, I pray that you are correct.

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