UD Visit, More

As noted here recently, I was invited to draw at the University of Dayton’s International Festival again and it was the usual fabulous time… Great kids, terrific clothing from all over the world, VERY unusual music and dancing… These two cute young scholars took time out for a quick drawing (about four or five minutes total) then rushed off to catch up on one of the many events going on that day. UD is a beautiful campus.

On a personal note, Diane often goes to the UD Rex Plex where they provide a free exercise class for MS patients on most Saturdays, with students from their Physical Therapy program (I think) aiding her and others in the pool there. Such fine young people they are, too — one guy gets no credit for his efforts, just comes to help out, and a couple (both working that program) invited us to their wedding a little while back. Neat, eh? We think so…UD Int Fest art UD Int Fest pic

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