The Party World

Going to a holiday party is USUALLY a fun thing, right? Or at least is supposed to be, that’s the whole idea — have a few laughs, see some friends… And almost always that is exactly what happens, too. Over the years I have been fortunate to be invited to thousands of parties of all types and — except for one thing — they are delightful in almost every case. That one thing is the NOISE, kids, it is grinding and awful, hour after hour, too-loud music and bigmouth DJs trying to be amusing… But, hey, who am I to complain?? And, as noted, these events are a wonderful time for everybody, including me.

As you probably know already, our deal is providing quick-sketch drawings as personal gifts to the guests from the gracious host — who is gracious enough, indeed, to actually pay me later. He or she has a smashingly successful party, the guests are happy and so am I. Works for everybody! The images shown here are from an event early in December — the couple was hilarious and the young lady was blushingly modest. All good fun, eh?

Happy couple artHappy couple picSay Cheese artSay cheese pic

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