The girls art The girls picDiane and I just finished a fantastic vacation out west… flew into Los Angeles, got a room and immediately drove east to Phoenix (a seven hour drive, ten for us of course) to visit our fabulous granddaughter Brianna, the redhead on the left here… She and her pal Jess were great hosts and showed us some of the amazing sights and restaurants around the greater Phoenix area — you can NOT find a lousy meal in that part of the world — and it was wonderful. After a few days there we drove BACK to Los Angeles, to Simi Valley, to visit with Diane’s two brothers Ken and Mike and their families.

That time the seven-hour drive took eleven hours on the road… we like to stop way too much! Ken’s wife Judy took us to the Hollywood Bowl — amazingly, you can walk right in and check things out — and showed us some of the coolest views (and restaurants!) you could ever hope to find.

A lovely visit, ten days was not nearly long enough. Our thanks to the whole gang, it was great to see you…


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