Thanksgiving — Let us be thankful

Another year has almost zipped by us, kids, can you believe it?? Wow. So FAST!! Remember when you were in elementary school and three months of summer vacation took around a year and a half to float past you? I do, baby, I do… No longer. Nah. Even the parts I hate living through — snow, ice, all that — even those parts go by very fast now.

At this rate, we are going to wake up dead pretty soon I fear. Ah well, let’s be Thankful for our blessings for now, right? One of my greatest blessings has been with me since 1973: my fantastic daughter Tracee. She could not be more wonderful. And another has been here since 1990: my fabulous little wife Diane. Here she is with me in a Selfie from last summer at Dayton Mall. Hey, I am a lucky guy…

D&D at Dayton Mall

AND here we were back in 1991… It’s not the years, it’s the mileage. Right?

D&D 1991

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