Teaching an Old Dog…

The obvious future of the internet is — VIDEOS, baby, and lots of them. Why go to the trouble of reading something when there is a two-minute video — instructional or fun, whatever — out there waiting for your Click? And hey, it’s free! So we are working on ramping up our video content for this extremely small business and to that end I am struggling to learn iMovie.

Yow! It is a brilliant program, kids, honestly it is ingenious how iMovie was designed and executed. And I am STILL baffled. Yes. But, armed with two manuals from the library and the Help button on the program, I am very slowly grinding my way along toward — what? Toward SOME level of competence in video editing. Ha! So please bear with me through these first few efforts and with luck our mini-movies will improve soon.

No video today?? Not quite! We have two in the works and neither is ready for prime time. Soon, I hope…

Movie guy

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