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Last year — remember December? Seems like a LONG time ago, eh? — anyhow, a few weeks back we were contacted by an interesting young guy from Vandalia Rentals who had a really novel idea for his company Christmas party. (This would work fine for any group that is large enough, regardless of time of year.)

He asked if I could draw all his forty employees (from photos), then place their faces on various bodies. I have a huge back catalogue of studio drawings to pull images from, so that sounded easy. (WRONG! Ha!)

But his idea was brilliant — take that face and place it digitally on TEN bodies. So we have around four hundred images total, right? Print those on small cards, maybe 5×7 inches, heavy stock.

SHUFFLE the cards. Then pass out ten to each employee. So ideally they will have ten images of other people they work with who are present and have other cards. Now each one must find THEIR cards. So they are forced to talk to almost everyone else there and view the cards at hand.

I did as little duplication as possible so there were LOTS of one-off images. That increased the novelty for the crowd. “Look at you, Don, you’re mountain climbing!” “Yeah, and you’re a ballerina, Annie!” And so forth…

Kurt tells me the idea went over very well, lots of laughs all around. And everyone got to keep their cards I believe, making a fun little memento for each employee. Here are two of the sample images I knocked out for Kurt while we were discussing the idea.

I think it was a super idea that should work very well for almost any large group. Maybe YOUR group sometime? Give a call!


Kurt 2

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