BT Ford ShelbyShelby w peopleWhen a big day is at hand sometimes a client will need a drawing done ahead of time and reproduced on the drawing paper… Then I am able to sketch the guests into that image at the event so it’s pretty memorable, hopefully. There have been many images over the years, from golfing poses to 1920s clothing to Oscar-night Red Carpet setups in which the guests are drawn in live at the event — it’s tricky in the sports images, having the bodies sketched in so they can be adapted to guys or girls quickly… Make ’em attractive and hurry up!!

This image was for our friends at Beau Townsend Ford for one of the many parties they asked me to draw at over the years.Notice the tires are blacked-in on the original sketch; I took that out digitally because it pulled attention away from the people in the image.

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