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Over the years I have taught a few classes and workshops, giving instruction on some of the basics of drawing in general and caricature in particular. So it was a pleasure this morning to get this inquiry via email: 

“Please let me know when you will host a workshop class on Caricature drawing in the near future… Thanks for sharing your time and talent.”

That was from a nice young lady in our area. She has asked about lessons in the past and I requested that she stay in touch, so this is a follow-up post. So the question becomes this: When? I like the teaching and the students have always been delightful so what exactly is the problem? 

Yes. What’s the holdup here anyhow? Eh? Maybe it’s the resistance to any level of discipline for a creative type — if I have a party scheduled, like the one tomorrow, it’s a brief commitment. But taking on a number of students for a class that can last for days or weeks… Uh… Is that a good idea?? For them OR me? 

Sure it is.

They will benefit from the few things I have learned over the years (okay, okay, VERY few) about the process of drawing. In particular, drawing live, in person, as fast and as accurately as possible while strangers stare at you — hey, you think that’s easy? (Very soon it is, but that’s a secret.) 

So should YOU, with your experience and accumulated knowledge — should you be teaching? Ya think? Probably so. You would very likely enjoy it and benefit your students. It would be a good thing, almost certainly. Why?

Teaching a class stretches us. It makes you plan the class and work hard at being effective as humanly possible in making the lessons work for your students. It is not easy. And yet is IS fun. Yeah. They are there to learn a subject they LIKE. And like a LOT, baby. They do not have to be there as in high school, this area is their chosen focus for that time. So it’s fun, really. That’s been my experience; the classes and workshops I’ve done were a joyful thing for everyone in almost every moment of my off-and-on teaching career. 

Therefore let me encourage you to consider teaching a class sometime, assuming your schedule will allow. For me, that is not going to happen any time soon. Just too much on my calendar these days to even consider it. Too bad. But when that time does come, I will post the news in this space, okay? 

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