Road Rudeness…

Hey, my apologies here, this has nothing whatever to do with our business. BUT it may strike a chord with you just the same. Last Thursday, 3 July 2014, Diane and I took our granddaughter and her friend (both about age 21) down just south of Cincinnati to the Radisson Inn restaurant on the river. That’s the round building with the rotating restaurant up top… Lots of fun.
And it was just a super time. I drew the waiter and we all had a fun dinner.
Then as soon as we started north back to Dayton there was an awful traffic jam. About 11 pm. Slow, slow, grinding on, no escape…
And making it much WORSE was this idiot —
Idiot trucker 1

Idiot trucker 2

Idiot trucker 3
— purposedly blocking TWO lanes for no reason on earth. The van in front of us lacked the spine to jump in when there was a brief opening and so we were stuck. No other lane access, nowhere to go… Forty minutes of this and it was way aggravating. I am contacting the trucking company, will report later. Akkk!!

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