A professional COKE Tester?? What??

Coke tester art Coke tester picFor the first time in years I was invited to draw at a New Year’s Eve party to ring in 2015… Cool! Nice change, there, I used to get scheduled EVERY year at some party someplace. No longer, for some reason — one of those odd cyclical things. So when we received this call it was a happy moment (as all our party bookings are, of course)… but with a caveat.

Long drive.

Oh, no. And on a big, big party night. Lots of drunks on the road. Ehhhhhh…. Hey, what the heck. So I took the party of course, and drove  up to Fort Recovery, expecting the drive time to be just over an hour, as the online map service had indicated. Wrong! It was closer to two hours each way. Akkk!

But what a fabulous time! I was booked by a lovely couple who have worked with us before, they now own the Trusty Woods restaurant up there in Fort Recovery and were having me sketch their invited guests. Great fun, absolutely wonderful group. Included in there were this hilarious couple — she works with Coca-Cola, constantly testing the product to keep track of its quality — note the little joke on that…

Also notice the imprint on the paper for the Trusty Woods restaurant. By the time I wrapped up and drove home and we finally got to bed it was four a.m. — yow! What a business! Tired but joyful, drifting off to sleep. 


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