Pretty Good Year So Far…

In our little business, we can expect pretty severe seasonality — very little call for our services in the first quarter, then a bit in April, okay in May and finally in June it takes off like an avalanche, steadily accelerating through December, which is unbelievable some years.

But that first quarter, January through March, is just flat. We are lucky to get a couple of inquiries a month at times. So I am happy to report that things are going very well so far, almost through January now, and a steady stream of orders and inquiries and party bookings are coming our way. Go Team!

Diane booked two parties yesterday and today we set up a studio  drawing for a wedding gig in June. For this time of year we are doing fine so far. So, hey, what’s different this year? New website? Better SEO? Diane’s relentless Pinterest efforts? Heck, I do NOT know. But I am sure grateful, kids, I will say that…

This is a terrific business and I am thankful for it every day of my life. I hope your job and/or business is doing well, too. Stay warm!

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