What is the Worst Party Ever??

Answer: One of Those BORING events that No One will Remember…

But NOT YOURS!  No!   YOUR next gathering can be the Hit of The Season with a Charming, fun, Professional Artist there to DRAW Your GUESTS — Have a Super Party with Dennis Porter Quick-Sketch Caricature Drawings   


Grad party artGraduation Party! Note imprint on drawing paper — Your event can have almost any text or image you wish on the sketch pad — ask us how to get that FREE
Grad party picCute girls, graduating college  –Two people in one drawing, like this one, usually take about five minutes 


   dennis@porterart.comDennis Porter Live Quick SketchDennis drawing Live — he has sketched 250,000 Faces 

AA College girl drawing_edited-1

College student, with her two-minute drawing

Corvette guy 1Young Corvette enthusiast! This sketch took about four minutesCHEERS!

Terrific Party Entertainment — Dennis Porter has been drawing caricatures since the 1970s, sketching more than 250,000 faces along the way. Utterly professional, fun and charming, Mr. Porter’s live Party Entertainment sketches are fantastic.

Crowds gather, amazed to see their friends drawn with tremendous resemblance, often as quickly as TWO MINUTES.

These drawings are PERMANENT ENTERTAINMENT! The art does not go away when the act is over, and your guests will think of you every time they smile at their sketch on the wall.

There are less expensive artists out there, right? Sure — and there are some good reasons WHY the fee is lower. We suggest you consider these factors:

Half price — and half as fast — is no bargain
if your guests waste their evening waiting endlessly in line.
When you finally sit for your drawing, will it LOOK like you??
If Dennis draws you—yes!
We are professional in every way.  Dennis will be on time, dressed well and ready to entertain all night!

Mr. Porter will NEVER encourage tips from your guests; that is very tacky behavior. And please, no food, no alcohol for the artist — a professional does NOT drink and draw. Dennis Porter will be the LIFE of your party, on the job and drawing full speed for the entire time you authorize. Expect tremendous Party Entertainment FUN! Your guests will love it…

Got a huge crowd?
Let Diane call one of our Guest Artists — or other entertainers — to work with Dennis!

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