Party Mixer Concept

Last Christmas I was called by a sharp young guy at Vandalia Rentals. Kurt had a truly novel idea for a Party Mixer. Being the uncultured lout that I am, I had NO idea what a party mixer was, so he explained — it’s a social device that encourages people in a crowd gathering to break out of their usual gangs and talk to people they don’t speak to that often. Hey, cool!

His idea was really neat. I drew all forty of his employees from photos, then placed their heads digitally onto bodies from my back catalogue, drawings from my vault. I duplicated bodies as little as possible, so the Richard Nixon body shown here on the wall behind Derek was used for this young man and hopefully for no one else at his shop. (I originally drew Mr. Nixon for the Mike DeWine political campaign back around 1985.) Derek had this image blow up onto a vinyl cutout that adheres to walls and such, which is pretty cool.

SO… Then each of the forty employees were given ten small cards, about five by seven inches or so, when they were gathered for the company Christmas party. Each card had an image like the Derek / Nixon you see on the wall back there. (There are also two cards for Kurt shown here; note the face is flipped digitally.) THEN each person had to roam around the room to find THEIR drawings on their ten cards. Super mixer concept! Not my idea, but I wish it had been. I would be proud of that one, buddy…

Kurt, two images for cards

Kurt, two images for cards

Vintage Richard Nixon caricature by Dennis Porter, redone with Derek's face...

Vintage Richard Nixon caricature by Dennis Porter, redone with Derek’s face…

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