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Terrific FUN at Parties, Wedding Receptions, Trade Shows — Check out this VIDEO –

Dennis Porter Caricature Party Promo from Vimeo.

More LIVE-Drawing Videos HERE

THRILL Your Guests with Caricature Quick-SketchesCompany Parties,  Kids Parties, Wedding Receptions, Trade Shows, Convention Booth Entertainment — YOUR Party!  Professional in every Way

A few Sample Drawings — Please Look Around

 BORED Guests ?? — NO!!  Have GREAT FUN at your Party  —  Wedding  – Trade show —  Convention !  Everyone will LOVE getting their own drawing —  Mr. Porter’s sketches are amazingly quick — often only Two Minutes — and Fun for absolutely ANY crowd…  

Have your LOGO on the Drawing Paper — an excellent idea for any event, since the drawings will be framed and displayed for years to come. Just email us the text & image to imprint, then review the image we send back. You have control! Hey, it’s your event, right?sketch paper, imprinted logos
Questions? Please call —

(937) 296-9757

Schedule Dennis for your next event

  dennis@drawme.com (or:) dennis@porterart.com

Do you need entertainment Ideas for your Party?? Or entertainment for a wedding? Need  Trade Show fun? Convention booth Entertainment? Make it REALLY Memorable with something DIFFERENT —  a  Super CARICATURE ARTIST with more than thirty years experience and over 250,000 faces drawn. This is PERMANENT ENTERTAINMENT — These drawings will be framed and displayed for years to come, so the pleasure of your event does not end when the band stops playing, or the magician puts away his bag of tricks.

This is Great Fun, with No Worries — because with Dennis Porter you can relax, knowing your performer is Absolutely Professional in Every Way. Your guests will enjoy meeting him — will absolutely ADORE their drawings — and will remember your event for years

Will Travel – Call Now    (937) 296-9757


PERSONAL NOTE:  Check out our ongoing professional diary of the daily challenges and laughs in a full-time artist’s life. Wife Diane does the hard stuff while Dennis draws, writes books, does public speaking and invents new products for industry. All this is in the BLOG, ARTIST’S LIFE so please take a look.


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