My very FIRST Book Cover!

Last summer I attended my first High School reunion in my hometown of Jellico, Tennessee. Good people from Jellico High School, all of us some 45 years closer to the end of the string now… Amazing and fun to see everyone.

Among several people that I did NOT get to see there was Gail Douglas (now Gail Garrett), along with her husband Steve Garrett. Too bad they did not make it. Too bad, too bad. But Gail has since then connected with us via Facebook and recently noted that her book, BATHTUB TALES, uses a drawing I did back around age sixteen or so as its cover. Hey, fun!

Gail was also kind enough to send me a copy, so here is the cover. I did not draw the bathtub, that was digitally added for the cover art. Cute, fun book she has there, too. Thanks, Gail!



First Dennis Porter book cover!

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