My first art exhibit…

I have some of the most fun clients in the world, surely, and a lot of them come with rather interesting Backstories…  Such as the good people at The Coral Company, up in Cleveland, Ohio.

They scheduled me to come and draw at a big Open House deal in Cincinnati many, many years ago. Big investment they had, fabulous home, gonna have a LOT of people in and I was to draw a lot of those prospective buyers. Sure.

Snow. Lots and lots of snow, baby. Nobody showed. Nobody. Just a big, expensive and new home and five bored real estate professionals and one useless caricature guy. Booked for four hours there, too.

“Well, hey, I will leave, guys, I am costing you a lot of money.” No, they said, maybe we will get busy, it will be fine. So I drew those people several times over, and in there while sketching Peter, the head guy, he mentioned collecting nice expensive writing pens. So I drew a big penpoint coming out of his head… Big hit! Ha! So I drew them all in various silly setups showing their interests and we had a few laughs.

Since then the Coral Company has sent me photos of their various employees and I have drawn those faces with odd and funny aspects to twist the image around. Lots of fun!

They have a display in their lobby of a few of the dozens of sketches I have done… I stopped in recently and took these pics. Love the Coral Company!

Dennis Porter art, CORAL Co. Lobby display

Rusty hiking guide

They get pretty weird and it’s hard to be original after a point. Where else would I get to draw the inside of a park trash can to show this fellow, Rusty, loves to HIKE??

Jeff - Cleveland

Last one: Here is Jeff, a Cleveland guy who loves his town. The phone number at bottom on the little sign is the Coral Company main number.  Seemed funny to me at the time… I like the deportation to Canada bit…



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