So What Do YOU Like To Do For Fun??

Some time back I had an unusual and wonderful assignment, drawing employee sketches in a business parking lot. Yeah.
Does not sound that fun, right?
Nah, it was a blast. These people were just goofy and off the wall enough to keep things sort of off-kilter and surprising at every turn. Soon we were into the Big Question: What do you like to do for FUN?? Here’s how that happened…
Normally I just draw the face and collar of each person and we are done. But that first guy, seen here if memory serves (more on that in a moment), that first guy started chattering about his great love of reading HISTORY…
And you see what happened then.
Okay. Sure. So I had to do some kind of full-body sketch for each of them after that, including the manager lady who loves her bicycle. Also seen here…
My apologies for the quality of the images on the sketches — these shots were taken through the plastic sleeves I supply for each drawing. Each of these drawings likely took three minute or so.
I just wish the memory would cough up the NAME of this company for me. Sorry, not sure at all which of our many clients this was. But they were terrific… What a job, eh?

Hang on, I'm READING!

Hang on, I’m READING!

Book Man 2

Watch that TURN!

Watch that TURN!

Biker girl 2

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