Keep Their Attention — Somehow!

Drawing live at (mostly corporate) events, I really enjoy meeting so many people in such a short time. There is no experience quite like the quick-sketch booth for the subject — or for the person doing the drawing. We both will hopefully have a super time during that very brief meeting.

You learn early on in this business, where you are drawing Retail (for hire) at a mall or other public venue, that you MUST talk to the subject. Otherwise it’s a pretty tedious for you and the other person as well. And soon they look around in other directions. Hard to draw that, eh? So you learn to speak up! Hey, howya doing anyhow? Say something, anything to get the person to LOOK THIS WAY. Sure. And after a little experience it gets to be easier. My usual question is about their work. Or studies. Or family life.

One lady asked how I keep everyone entertained and conversational. She noted that lots of different types of people had posed and they all seemed to connect with me comfortably. That had never occurred to me. Wow. Great question! Had to think about that a bit. Then finally I said, “I ask about THEM — they seem to find that fascinating!” She liked that answer. 

Fun couple at party artFun couple at party pic

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