Earlier this year I was scheduled at an outdoor event in late spring, if memory serves (doubtful!) — in any case it should have been beautiful weather. Shoulda, coulda, woulda… NO! No, baby, no nice weather for us. Nah.

Cold, rainy, windy — aaakkk! The event was in a large tent and I was about ten feet from the open side of the canvas, where the wet could blast in nicely… Diane was in our van, about forty feet away, noodling around with her iPad and burning up minutes on the old iPhone — kids these days and their wretched cell phones, right? — and she was fine, I heard later. Not too cold at all, which was a blessing. Anyway, this fun couple braved the elements long enough to pose for a quick sketch and we all had a laugh or two. Hey, it still beats working, right? 

2015-06-27 13.11.442015-06-27 13.11.49

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