Great Company x 2

Mark & DianeHere are two of my favorite people in the whole world — my old pal Mark Everhart and my fabulous little wife Diane… You can not have a more delightful time than being with these two highly intelligent goofballs and will be astonished at how many hours can fly past by in the apparent blink of an eye. Great fun, just being with either of them…

Mark and I met in early 1985 up in Troy, Ohio where I was a reporter for Troy Daily News and writing a weekly column. He recognized me from the photo published on my column and not only liked my writing but also offered to buy me a beer. You can not help but like a guy like that, eh?

We have been great friends ever since, and met our wives along the way, attending each other’s weddings and vacationing as a foursome at times. Diane and I met in 1990 and again I have been more than lucky — she is terrific; relentless great humor and optimism, even after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and having to spend every waking hour in a wheelchair. She’s still happy, every day, and everyone who knows her appreciates that. I hope you have people this outstanding in YOUR life, too. Thanks for reading!


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