Success In SPITE OF…

Here is evidence that even I can not screw up a project that was Destined To Happen… A few months ago a delightful young lady called up to buy a Gift Certificate for a relative. No problem — we are ready for that. So I worked up this for her…… and she loved it! Okay, cool so far. 

Then more recently a call came from her sister a bit north of here: we are ready for our drawing. Okay, terrific. Set a date. Get the address. Get all geared up for it, pack everything I will need, hopefully, large art bag, large art watercolor paper, big honking easel… Got it all, maybe, maybe… Program the GPS in my PT Cruiser (seventeen years old, 31,000 miles, still love that car) and zoom off.

GPS lied to me. Wrong place. Akk! Call up, new info, get there a good thirty minutes late. This is gonna be a BIG drawing for me, about two by three feet or so. Drag my art stuff out… almost. LEFT the art bag at home. Yes. Home. Dummy! How embarrassing.

Well, the sister said, maybe I could add the color in my studio. Eh? Sure! Yes, absolutely. So, get the pencil workup done, get it approved, knock out the ink version, get that okayed and pack up and go back to the ranch, still feeling like an idiot. Get there late, then not have my material to color it in. Yow!

In our little studio… Did up the color and got it in the mail just before we had to leave on a trip. And got a sweet  note back later — they loved it. Such nice kids!  There are a LOT of really neat people out there, eh? My thanks to them for being so cool…  

Cute young couple with dogs and cat

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