Friends are For Keeps — Sometimes

At a recent event I had the good fortune to meet the four young ladies shown here. Great pals, obviously, and (if memory serves), all working on their degrees at college. One I am sure was studying to become a vet — so the little animals sketches were thrown in, as you can see.

Somehow in the six or seven minutes this drawing required I found myself thinking of the great friends I have had over the years. Now, at age sixty-five, that covers some ground and the list grows long of those lost along the way. Including some gone at a very young age when I was still a teenager, good pals killed in utterly senseless foreign wars, lives ended for no real reason at all. Plus others taken by illness or accident — and worse — since then. Life is short, and oddly enough it is Death that makes it so precious. If we lived forever it would seem far less wonderful, I suspect, to relish a beautiful sunrise and look forward to a fine and productive day, or to hold your loved ones close and feel deeply, deeply grateful to have them a little longer…

Maybe it’s weird to have all that go through your head in the course of a little fun sketch like this one. Ya think? It makes me appreciate what I have. And makes me hope to keep what is truly precious close to me, and for a long time to come. I hope these fine young women stay in touch with each other forever, and enjoy their lives to the fullest…

Great pals forever

Great pals forever

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