Feeling tired? Forgetful? Check Your BP!

Hey, this has nothing on earth to do with our business, or yours most likely, but please read on —

I have been having a rough time lately. Very very tired most of the time. Hardly ever get through an afternoon without a serious nap, maybe more than an hour. And very forgetful.
And discouraging.

Diane is already disabled, in a wheelchair full time. We do NOT need me to develop problems, too…

So —
On a routine visit to the doctor I mentioned the fatigue and memory spottiness — then without thinking much of it I told her about using a home remedy for some skin problems. I had read that saw palmetto can be useful topically for skin difficulties and had been using liquid saw palmetto on a patch of my scalp.

Turns out that saw palmetto can REDUCE your blood pressure if applied to broken skin. Which will cause major fatigue and also cognitive issues.

And my BP was very low. Even for me.
So I gave up my little home remedy, and man oh man I felt better immediately. Well, the next day. How’s that? And even better since then.

To finally get to my point, if you feel fatigued and spacey and forgetful, go get a blood pressure check kiddo. It may make a huge difference in your world. Sure did for mine!
Feel better, okay?

All the best, Denny…

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