One very cold winter day more than fifteen years ago I was scheduled to draw at a BIG DEAL of an Open House in Cincinnati… A company out of Cleveland had a big,  beautiful house to show and man was it set up for serious callers. Six or more Realtors, including the head guy of the company, and precious me to offer free drawings for the potential home buyers…

We were ready for bear, kids, and then — it snowed. And snowed. And just kept on snowing and more and more… Nobody came. Yow! After a time, I offered to leave, since I was wasting their money. No problem Dennis, I was told, just stay with us.  So I did, hour after hour.Katherines Pool KuesSo sometime in there I was drawing the head guy, and he mentioned he likes to collect those fancy-dancy WAY expensive writing pens, fountain pens. And on a whim, I drew a HUGE pen point coming out of the top of his head, and a huge bottle of ink behind him… Big hit! Ha!

So since then I have drawn lots of their new employees, via email photos, in various WEIRD concepts. From a head in a basketball to the end of a pencil to a gearshift knob. Fun and way interesting, now…

Today’s Drawing — THIS young lady likes to shoot pool, did you guess that one? More to come, just wait, more to come…  Thank you for reading!



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