Draw For HOW Long??

We were commissioned some time back for a wedding reception, in the longest booking for me in years: six hours. It concerned me a bit, honestly, being well into my geezerhood now, heading for the big Sixty-Five mark in a couple of months…
Can I do six hours these days? Will I get too tired? Whoa… I did eight hours a day for three days straight, back when I was forty. But that was THEN…
And the night before did not help my concerns, either. That evening I drew for TWO hours at First Fridays in Xenia and really did not deal with that very well. Not sure why, either, but by the end my eyes were blurry, not focusing well and I was pretty tired.
Wow! If two hours takes that much out of me, what am I going to do with SIX hours?? Gah!
Along the way I suggested to the bride and groom that a second artist would be a good option. They liked the idea but it was just a bit expensive. Sure. Understood.
Okay, so what to do?? Man, what to do? These are such nice people, I can NOT let them down. What to do??
Oh, sure!
Suggestion. Sure. Suggestion. I will PROGRAM myself to have lots of energy and feel good and draw beautifully… well, okay, as beautifully as I draw, anyhow.
And I did program myself. Lots of internal commands to myself. “I feel good. I have LOTS of energy. My eyes are sharp and focused and I am doing great.” That kind of thing. Yeah, baby.
Sounds silly but it absolutely works. Lots of repetition to make it stick.
So last Saturday I drove over an hour north of here and set up shop, getting underway about ten minutes ahead of my five-thirty Start Time, and feeling very good.
One ten-minute break, two coffees and one rest room stop later and I was into the home stretch, drawing the last person in line and handing over their drawing at exactly eleven-thirty. Yow! I did it!
Mostly couples and groups of three and four and a few gangs of five and six people. No problem…
And not even tired, either, my eyes sharp and focused and clear. Fabulous, feeling very good.
Along the way the bride and groom and their families and friends were absolutely wonderful. Lovely comments and lots of bad jokes. It was a blast…
Here are a couple of sketches from my little outing. Wedding grandmas art

Wedding grandmasWedding, couple art

Wedding, couple

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