Direct Mail, Anyone??

FRIENDS postcard

Remember THESE people??

Back in the day, Diane and I put together POSTCARDS and did mailings every few weeks or months to bump up our party bookings… And they worked, too, gang, especially at first. I found this one from 2002 recently (fortunately I have been dating my drawings since the 1960s, so I can see the year on any sketch) and I remember this project. This was the hottest show on TV at that time, so a natural choice. 

We always did these on bright yellow card stock, too so the black and white image would stand out (we hoped) in the daily mail. 

We also did phone book Yellow Pages ads, in as many as five cities at one point. (And a weird experience that was, too — the first year, nothing. Second year, a few calls. Third year, the ad took off. Bizarre, eh? Happened every time we went into a new city’s phone book.)

NOW of course the whole world is online, all the time so that is the way to go. Keywords!! Work that website, baby, juice up your SEO and do it NOW! Hurry!! I suppose a SPAM campaign is inevitable, but we are still resisting that. Hopefully forever, eh?


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