Cincinnati Reds man, Big Birthday

I had a wonderful time earlier this month up at Otterbein Nursing Home in Middletown. One of the neatest guys I have ever met was there. Here he is below — this is LEN KAHNY, signed to the Cincinnati Reds, back in the day —
Len Kahny, C Reds, 103 years old 2014Len Kahny art
— along with my humble sketch of him. Len had a big birthday since this drawing was done, turning a strong One Hundred and Three years old.
At 103, he still has a strong grip and is sharp as a tack, interested in everything and everyone around him… Len is almost 40 years older than I am, and I am ALREADY an old guy! May I be half as sharp as that if I get that far. We wish you many more, buddy…

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