Change For The Camera?

GE DIGITAL CAMERA GE DIGITAL CAMERAThe party quick-sketching never, ever gets old. I find the endless lines of people waiting for a drawing to be (almost!) always patient and gracious and fun to be around. And it’s interesting to me that sometimes things change when I try to take their photo — really! For instance, this fellow was quite serious during the drawing phase, then happy and upbeat for the camera. Ha! We all had a good time, though, and as usual the party was a huge success.

Let me note that every last one of the photos and drawings published here are only presented with the full approval of the people drawn. That’s only fair, right?

No big changes with this next couple, though. He is a professor of music with Indiana University East, I believe, and a fellow leftie, so he can’t be all bad… And she was delightful. Good times… GE DIGITAL CAMERA GE DIGITAL CAMERA

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