Caricature Wall

Some time back, as noted here earlier, I was asked by the young manager at Vandalia Rentals, Kurt, to create a Crowd Mixer of caricatures. In that project, I drew sketches of all forty of the employees up there, then digitally dropped their faces onto ten body images for each person. Those drawings were then made into small cards, maybe five by seven inches or so, and at the company Christmas Party each person was given a mixed set of cards — then they had to go around the room to find THEIR images and pass out the people they had sketches of… clear? It was a new concept to me, and a really interesting project.

Since then, Vandalia Rentals has been kind enough to call on me to drive up and do drawings of their new employees and that has been interesting as well. And somewhere along the way my pal Derek Potter started filling up his office wall with cutout reproductions of my various sketches. Here is how it looks — Caricature wall

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