Can’t Win ‘Em All

There are times when the well goes dry, so to speak, even for us. Not often and not long, thank providence, but we have our moments. Survived 9-11 fine, got through 2008-09 without a blip, but still there are slow quarters. This has been one, and we have faith that it will pass and things will soar back up into our usual levels soon. Absolutely. Below is a rough sketch from one of the numerous projects that just did NOT quite happen recently… This was to be a gift drawing to a gentleman who loves his Range Rover… or a Land Rover?… not sure now. Anyway, kids, this was the rough pencil layout I sent to his friend in Australia. She loved the look but was budget challenged so it stalled out there. No problem, and no expense for her either. Here’s to you — and us! — having a SUPER New Year! Rock on, kids!land-rover-pencil

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