Can You Draw Us TOGETHER??

At every live drawing event there are a few things to be counted as absolutely certain — one, I will be asked several times, How Long Have You Been Doing This? (Old joke: Look at my watch, say, “About twenty minutes!”). Two, a gang will ask, “Can you draw us together??” As in, can you draw our group?

Hey, sure, kids, why not?

These group sketches are fun to do and not that hard after some experience. As a rookie it’s difficult, but, hey, everything is hard till you make some mistakes, eh? That accounts for your first marriage, right? Ahem. Okay… I have a little tech write up on drawing groups at bottom of this post, if you are interested. In the meantime, here’s this neato group of young people at a recent gathering —

Group drawn together at party

Group drawn together at party

Group 1 pic

Drawing a crowd… The hard part is judging where to place those people on the page. First thing, be sure who is tallest and shortest in the crew. Short people are at bottom, taller at top. Draw from bottom upward, starting with the shortest (and cutest if possible), then eventually finishing off with the tallest and if possible the goofiest looking person (that’s usually a guy, often the dad).

The tech part is not drawing the outline of the head till all the faces are sketched. You can let the top of a short person’s head be hidden by the long chin of a taller person behind them, and it works visually. It does NOT work to let that chin be hidden behind that short person’s head; not sure why. So draw in the faces, leaving off most of the hair and head shapes as you go, get the back row of tall people done pretty completely, then zip back through with the hair outlines adjusted to fit the whole drawing… Throw in some fine detail, maybe stripe in a shirt or two for contrast, let a waving hand pop in there, sign that masterpiece and hey — it’s ten minutes and you’re done!

I knew you could do it, bucko…


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