How to Buy the Same NEW car — TWICE

I ordered one of the very first PT Cruisers back in 2000, a fully loaded Limited Edition, took delivery in September that year. Kept it a year, drove 15 K miles, great car.

Buy Same New Car, TWICE_edited-1

Have you heard of Esther Price Candies? I sold my PT Cruiser at that point to Esther Prices’s daughter Evelyn, who lives about a block from us. Real sweetheart, tiny and cute, in her mid seventies at that time. Then last fall we needed to get a new car… But, hey, Car payments?? Yuk!! Or paint the old Concorde? Well, okay, I guess. We scheduled a full paint job on our 1997 Concorde for the following Tuesday…

Then that Sunday night our friend Evelyn called. She is giving up driving. Do I want my PT Cruiser back? Sold the car BACK to us. Perfect shape, my mechanic tells me even the air cleaner smells new. She has averaged 500 miles a year. Barely has 21,000 miles. Fourteen years old and has the original tires. We paid cash for our new car, no car payments, looks and drives like new. I still love my PTCruiser!!


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