You have no boss?? Really?

One of the frequent comments we get when a conversation turns to jobs, or careers, and the other person learns about our little art business is this — Oh, you have your own business! You don’t have a boss, right?

Uh… well, not exactly.

It’s easy to see it that way, sure. Diane and I have the whole ball of wax, such as it is, right here in our home. Computers all over the house and a hopelessly mixed up list of duties in a typical day between personal issues and professional needs. Draw that email order? Sure, but I gotta take out the trash first…

There is almost nothing that is not wonderful about this little biz. Diane loves the social aspect of dicussing things when someone calls up to ask if I can draw at their upcoming event. We both have a ball on every level of this and I am genuinely grateful for it, every day.

But we DO have a boss.

You. And anyone else that books our services. So we have DOZENS of bosses at any given time. If we stop pleasing you, I will have to get a real job again.

And we do NOT want that.

I do hope you enjoy your job as much as we love ours. Have a super day!!

lady with art 2

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