Blast from The Past: McCain, Obama, Palin, Smokin’ Joe…

I couldn’t resist sharing this with you — a postcard we sent out back in 2008 for Halloween just as the presidential election was ramping up to its finale. Finally! Remember? That was the longest and most intense campaign I can recall, with the October Surprise being the world economy teetering on the brink of absolute ruin.


Anyhow, kids, I knocked this out to try to capture the spirit of the moment without being too slanted either way (likely failing in that) and drew this up really large. The original is about 30 x 22 inches and I scanned that and shrunk it down to a 5.5 inch by 4.25 inch postcard. Hah! Lots of Photoshop effects in there, too, a lot of time. We actually sold some reproductions of the image once it was published. Fun stuff! Side two is also included here.



Presidential Race 2008 Back




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