Food PoisonsThis post is entirely personal, no connection to our tiny little business at all — and touches on a subject that could change our lives. As you may know, my fabulous little wife Diane has multiple sclerosis, MS, and has been in a wheelchair every waking moment for maybe fifteen years now — and, I must say, she is amazing. Happy and busy all the time and a consistent joy to be around. Yeah, amazing, eh? I think so.

Well we have tried about everything along the way to help her and — nothing. Nothing impacted on the relentless loss of ability. Discouraging to say the least. Now we hear about the Wahls Protocol, a VERY difficult diet that may help. We are trying our version of the diet, which is hard enough — gluten free, dairy free, egg free — and after about a week I think her tremors are lessening.

Let’s hope for the best, right?? We will keep you posted….


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