Yow! I thought this latest presidential election was NEVER gonna end… Finally we are back to some semblance of real life, which is to say, OUR little lives, pathetic as they may be. Eh? Even at this advanced age, we are still mostly focused on making a living, so getting back to basics is a bit refreshing.

About half the country is upset with the results of the election, but to those of us who feel betrayed and angry or fearful, let me say this — please try to relax. We are a strong country. We tend to go back and forth in our political world, from center-right to center-left and back again next time. So however things go in a specific moment, fear not. Ain’t gonna last too long, kids, gonna swing back the other way before much longer. So let’s have a laugh and a good lunch and maybe a drink later. It will work out fine somehow. Always does, eh?sun-rise-flag-1024x935

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