As you may know, I drew caricatures of actors working in area theatres for years for the Dayton City Paper and the sketch would be published alongside the review (usually written by the amazingly talented Russell Florence, now reviewing for Dayton Daily News). It was great fun and I hated to give it up when my schedule became too demanding.

Recently we received a note asking permission for a high school in another area to use one of my drawings for its production of ANYTHING GOES, done so wonderfully here by The Dayton Playhouse back in the day. We agreed of course, and this nice note came back:

Hi Mr. Porter,

I sent a request about the Anything Goes sketch… I received your response and my son and I are thrilled. 

My Son is in 9th grade playing the role of Moonface Martin.. Attached is your sketch with a message for the playbill .. I hope it is satisfactory..

Thank You again

Carol M.anthing goes

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