Hopelessly Addicted

…  And We Are BACK !!

Yes! Back in the land of the living for our tired little blog. Our main website, www.DRAWME.com was offline for about seventeen days, which of course is Forever in the online world… When the website is down, the blog is down with it, and we are dead in the water. So DRAWME is at last back up, and MAN am I glad!!

We are hopelessly dependent on this technology, gang, addicted to the cyber world for almost everything these days — including the world economy itself and our national defense. Scary! For us, we are dependent on our website for our tiny little business and therefore our main income. Diane can not work since the MS became such a burden for her, and I have to be here to help her so drawing at parties has enabled us to survive. Not much time away from home and a feasible income. What a blessing it has been. Yeah, go team! And of course we are extremely grateful for it all.

We have no real advertising budget, though, and the internet has been fabulous in that way. Just work your website, keep it fairly fresh and useable and the calls keep coming.

Until the site goes AWAY… Yow!

Not good, not good at all. Now that the website is back I am going to do what I can to ramp up our Search Engine Optimization and try to make up for lost time. When the calls stop coming, gang, it is a bit worrisome. But as always, Diane has been relentlessly cheerful and positive through the whole thing, happy and busy. It will all work out, right? It always has, so far. As I said, We Are BACK! And I am really happy to be back…art-and-money

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