R ALONG LOGODo you ever notice things sort of getting in the way of your plans for the future??

Maybe it’s just me… But now and then it’s like we are being discouraged from a course of action. You know? What I am coming to is Diane and I decided last summer that we would do the Snowbird thing this winter and do two or three major TRIPS to dodge the cold weather. Hey, great idea!

So almost two weeks ago now we got all packed up and ready to jump in the old van to head to Tennessee, then Florida. Go visit the Coral Castle. Sure!

Not so fast, sonny. Suddenly I was not feeling wonderful; visit to my doc. Medications, antibiotic… THEN felt worse than before! Akkk! Then better. Anyhow I survived and we geared up again to leave late last week… Gonna take off soon as she got back from morning exercise…

Crisis! Wheelchair stopped dead at the YMCA as Diane launched into the special chair that puts her in the pool for water aerobics (she does sixty to ninety minutes, five or six days a week; helps a lot with the MS).

Got her home with difficulty, then she was stuck here in the small wheelchair while I drove the big dead one in for service. Gotta be a fuse, right? Quick fix while I wait, right? Right?? Uhh — no. It’s the control pod, cost at least $750, take at least a week, gotta order the part.

All that was last Thursday. Mild panic. Diane is stuck at home and that small chair restricts movement so much she loses ability quickly, and it is very uncomfortable.  SO… a fair amount of negotiating via phone calls, lots of calls to the fixit shop and calls to the parts house, all loaded up with shameless, relentless whining and — deliverance! Yes!

A control pod was “borrowed” from another chair at the fixit shop by a tech guy and we got the big chair back Friday. And it was covered by insurance. Yow! Yes!

So now we can go, right? Right?? Uh — right?? Well… no. Big snowstorm, I-75 closed in part of Kentucky, people living in their cars overnight… Not exactly the kind of party to drag Diane and her power chair into, eh? I shudder at the thought…

So as of this writing we are still home, still packed, still kinda hoping for a Snowbird vacation — stay tuned! Ha!



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